Controlling WMC from Xbox 360


I wanted to start by saying thank you for creating such a great program. I’ve really enjoyed working with it, and I’m slowly convincing my wife that it’s great too!

Now to the issue. I’m using an Xbox 360 as a media extender and have WMC delivering content from my computer to the Xbox. My issue is how to get WMC to start directly when I press the corresponding activity button. It will turn on the Xbox just fine, but basically, I’m getting stuck on the first screen of selecting an avatar, and not actually getting straight into WMC. I can then hit the Windows button on the displayed remote to get WMC to load, but that’s obviously not straightforward to someone who doesn’t know the system. Question is, is it just an issue of timing that I need to have enough delays prior to having Roomie hit the Windows button after the Xbox starts or is there a command I need to use that I’m just not aware of.

Thanks for your help.


Well, I kept playing with it (the Xbox that is), and found the answer to my own question! In the Xbox 360’s system setup page, there is the option for it to start directly in WMC when the device is powered on - Problem solved! :slight_smile: