Copy an Activity

Some of the activities I create are very similar and have alot of steps. It would be great if I could copy an existing activity and then modify it. That would save a ton of time. Copy/pasting in between rooms wouldassorted be useful.

I would second that, I too have some pretty complicated activities and would really appreciate a copy/paste function, or abilty to select an existing activity.

Duplicating an Activity in a single room would be easy to add. Duplicating an Activity between rooms (which may contain completely different devices) would involve many little issues. Are you primarily wanting to duplicate within a room or to other rooms?

from a personal point of view, I would love to do both. Within my system I have a central rack where 90% of the source equipment is housed and so many of the rooms have similar/exactly the same activity requirements.

For instance, I have an electric gate entry system into the property and use the IP2CC module to activate the gates opening. Now because I have 12+ different rooms in roomie I have had to add a “gate open” activity button to each room so that whatever room you are sat watching tv in, you can just open them without having to flick between screens to do so (i’m using ipads mainly, rather than iphones, so always see my activities).

I have similar scenarios with other equipment around the house too and with some equipment needing quite complex macro lists of 15-20 steps with sprecific timings too, to be able to efectivly copy and paste or maybe ‘Save’ as a favourite/template activity would be a grate help for me and imagine others would benefit also.

Mostly, I’d like to duplicate an activity within the same room. Then go back and tweak each one for specific functions.

I would also like to add my vote to this. If I could save a room to dropbox and then restore that room configuration to another room, I could just make the changes to the differences.

+1 for copying activities.

I have a multizone system which will have the same activities in most of the rooms, with the only difference being the multizone receiver’s zone number. So being able to create an activity and then copy it to other rooms would be very handy.

I’m with Helix above. Central system allows me to watch TV in the den while listening to the radio, media player or music flung to Apple TV outside. All components are located (and can play) in the den. So copying to a “Backyard” room would be great. I know I cold just set up new activities in my “Den” room setup that would do the job, but I’m trying to make this understandable for my wife, who, while a very bright woman, is severely handicapped when it comes to technology. Segregating by location without “reinventing the wheel” by duplicating each activity would be helpful.

I was hoping to discover there’s already a way to do this, but alas…

My systems are relatively similar from room to room, and as others have mentioned, activities can be rather complex or certainly can have a number of tweaked options.

Now that I’m finally configuring Rooming for another room, the thought of having to recreate each activity from scratch is giving me a panic attack. :-/

Please, please, please add this.

If you’re concerned about users making mistakes, give us a warning message that “unexpected results” might occur. But I’d prefer to be able to at least start from a duplicated activity – knowing the settings are “all there” – and then modify them, as needed.