Cox Contour 2

After attempting to use the factory settings for the Arris XG1v3 (master DVR)
and Pace XID (slave)

and having bad results, I decided to just create a new device and “learn” all of the necessary commands to simplify the process. Problem was, both of the aforementioned boxes use the URC remotes and utilize RF instead of IR, so “learning” the codes didn’t appear possible. After much research (and little success), I finally figured out that the URC remotes CAN be switched to only broadcast IR by doing the following:

~Press and hold “setup” in the bottom left corner.
~Input “9-8-7”
~Viola! You can now “learn” the codes from the factory remote.

As a side note, the IR eye on the master DVR is located about 2" left of the blue on/off button and is visible with a flashlight, while the IR eye on the slave is directly in the middle of the front panel and is not visible with a flashlight.

Hope that helps!

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