Custom Command Names for Matrix Collapsable List

I have a Shinybow HDMI Matrix LCM model, that I got to work over IP with the stock Roomie commands and remote. When I hit a button with a collapsable list of commands, there are listing the inputs/outputs generically, given the generic command names like ALL 1, ALL 2, ALL 3, ect. for set all outputs to input 1, ect. So all I see is list of numbers like 1,2,3,ect. when I would love to custom rename the commands for what they are. ‘ALL 1’ I’d rename like ‘ALL 1 SAT’ then ‘ALL 2 APPLE TV’, ‘ALL 3 MAC MINI’, ect. so that Id know what the input is when the collapsable list prefixed ‘ALL’ would be called.

Is there any easy way to Custom name stock Commands?

If not, how do I get the stock Commands plist for editing? Then load it back to ios device for use? Dropbox syncing did not seem to send over the stock Commands plist Im useing to control the Matrix.