Custom Configuration of Activity

In modifying the default button order for a device in an activity, I relocated the command buttons by moving them up and down relative to each other, but when I click on Preview to look at the changes, the command button’s locations have changed but are not in the order in which I have put them. Can anyone give me any insight as to how this new version determines the order of the command buttons on both the dpad and the tray?

Since this post is 18 days old perhaps you have solved this already, or moved on. Anyway, the ordering does seem somewhat non-intuitive but as best I can tell, it starts from the middle and sort of works outwards: so if memory serves me correctly it’s something along the lines of: middle button first, then the 1st to the right, then 1st to the left, then 2nd to the left, and then finally 2nd to the right, then next row. My guess is this is to accommodate different size screens. Try some experimentation with moving them around.

This is what support sends out for this question:

Tray layout:

  • First, larger elements such as DPads and rockers are laid out.
  • During layout, any lack of room for the item on a page will move it to the next page.
  • Items are laid out from the center, then right, then left until the current page is filled. The size of a page is determined by the current device screen and orientation.
  • The above layout is executed in the order listed in the Design editor.

Margin promotion:

Any command from the tray is eligible for promotion to margins if it is a normal button (non-list, etc.), and has a title of 7 characters or less with no image. Buttons are promoted in the order listed in the Design editor prior to any tray layout.