Custom Device and Built-in Guide

So I added all the DIGITs to my my Remote Buddy device so I can change EyeTV channels with the Number Pad. All works beautifully.

However, I’d like to be able to change the channel from the Roomie built in guide. Editing the guide shows it hardcoded to issue channel change commands to my TV. How can I change that to issue the commands to my custom device? Also, for HD OTA channels, the Switching Style needs to be “11.2”, etc


Whichever device is set as the ‘Opens Remote’ device for an Activity, assuming it is identified as a valid channel device with all necessary channel commands such as CHANNEL UP and CHANNEL DOWN and DIGIT commands, that is the device that will be used. So it sounds like your custom device is probably just missing some commands and thus being ignored for channel changes.

Ahh, that was it. I was missing CHANNEL UP and CHANNEL DOWN. I added those two commands and it works great except for the problem that EyeTV requires a decimal point to be entered. i.e. for HD OTA channel 11-2, EyeTV requires entry of 11.2 and the built-in guide just sends 112 when I select that channel. Except for that small detail, it works great! :confused:

I added “DIGIT .” and added the “.” to the Number Pad, and I can change channels there just fine.

Oh well, it was an interesting exercise. Perhaps in a future release the “.” can be added to the guide channel change format.

Thanks for the help!

If you add a “DIGIT SEPARATOR” command, that will send the decimal character.

Woo hoo; that did the trick. The built-in guide will now change the channel in EyeTV. Excellent.

I’ve got one last EyeTV weirdness to figure out: on every channel change from the built-in guide, EyeTV toggles full-screen for the video window. Nothing to do with Roomie. It’s just an EyeTV weirdness I need to figure out a work around for.

Thanks again!

NewfD90, did you ever figure out the EyeTV weirdness? I have the same fullscreen toggle issue.

Yes, I did. Sorry for not updating; didn’t figure anybody else was using this!

Changing the Guide Switching Style from “Default” to “Zero Prefix” fixed the problem.

Works great and I’m really pleased with the end result (i.e. Wife loves it).