Custom device - feedback?

I’ve got most things working now, but I’m really struggling getting a custom device working with feedback.

Can anyone help me figure this out?

  • I’ve created multiple custom devices, both http and ip, with lots of different actions, so I have that part nailed down.

  • For this particular custom device, I’ve got a web server (http) that I can have produce any sort of output in any format. So this custom device method needs to be http.

  • I’d like to set up a custom device and remote, where I can add a display “button”, and have real-time text (or number) display there (like the volume button does, or the AVR input button does)

  • I have tried all sorts of .STATUS keys in my custom devices, and all sorts of .FORMATS, and haven’t gotten anything to work at all. My actions work fine, but there is no feedback displayed ever. I see the little iOS data wheel spinning every second when the display button is up, so I know it’s trying, but nothing gets displayed.

I don’t care what category of device this has to go under to get the feedback working, as I can make everything else in the device work just fine, and it really only affects the remote configuration (so nothing anyone using the remote would see).

Can anyone help out?

Thanks in advance!


i’ve had the same issue. Unfortunately custom feedback is not yet supported altough it is not clear from the sdk documentation.

they would have to develop some generic response parser and way to make it configurable by users to use the feedback.

conclusion: so far only predefined devices in the compatibility list can support feedback.






So is there no display format from any of the existing devices that we could take over as a workaround? For example, the Denon “Mode” response? If we know the format Denon sends this back, couldn’t we just produce an http response with that same format?

Or is the software not as plug-and-play as I’m making it out to be? So that the Denon only works over IP?

If the latter, you’d think we could develop an IP-based service that would “look and smell” like a Denon, but instead would turn lights on and off, for example?

Just grasping at a way to make this work. I’m really close, and can make my server do whatever I want, I just am trying to figure out what to make it do to get this last part working…

Custom feedback support is really important. I hope Roomie team implement it soon!!

Hoping for this too, I can see the feedback that my rotel sends back using the itest app. Just need a way to put those results into roomie.

Yes, was struggling with this as well and came across this thread

I’m been programming a Mcintosh MX-151 processor (serial), and all is working well, but cannot get any status requests to work. For volume status for example, the command string is:


And the return string is :


where X = the volume level.

I tried programming a Roomie Feedback function with the command string, but nothing appears of course - Roomie, is this something that can be done?


Hoping to resurrect this - and chance you can create the MX -150/151 serial device based on the doc I had emailed some time back? Would really like custom feedback, and there are tons available…if you need the doc again I can provide it.