Custom Feedback

The feature I’d like to request is some way to process feedback/status from a device; Even if it’s just some sort of pattern matching

EX: If the query for volume was ?1VO+ and the answer was !1VO15+

Maybe my plist could be:

.Volume .QUERY?1VO+

.Volume .Status?1VO##+


Basically anything with the ## is returned to rommie for a value…


+1 for custom feedback!

+1 for custom feedback!!!

I would add there needs to be an additional layer of capability on this. I’d like to be able to map that ## to another table of text that could be the feedback Roomie shows. In the case of a projector I have, it has something like four different power states. If you query the power status, you get a number from 1-4 returned. Those numbers map to things like On, Warming Up, Cooling Down, Off. (That’s not it exactly, but you get the idea.)

So I’d like to map that number to a status message that could be displayed in Roomie. Just showing a power state of “2” isn’t terribly useful.


+1 for custom feedback

+1 for custom feedback

+1 custom feedback for serial devices returning binary.

+1 for custom feedback

Just downloaded 3.0…I think it looks great… Was a custom feedback feature added?


Sadly - it looks like this is still not possible. :frowning:

+1 I wrote an enhancement request but I think this falls right in line with that. Programming logic based on feedback is what the big boys do! I know Roomie will get there as it’s blowing everything out of the water.

+1 please. I’d like to make my Christie outdoor TV RS-232c interface fully functional with Roomie.

The TV shows a range of 0-100. However, the hex range is 00-64 where 00 = 0 (no volume) and 64 = 100 (max volume).

The serial interface responds with 07 01 00 56 4F 4C ## 08 where ## is the current value of volume setting (00-64).

+1 for custom feedback so I can add it to CEC-Roomie.

@Roomie: Can we still contact support to have you add custom feedback? I think you said that was doable in another thread. Looking to add a generic JSON and/or HTTP response code custom feedback option. Alternatively, just a string returned from HTTP. For power feedback it could be as simple as checking for “on” or “off” in the return. Volume could be the decibel level, etc.