Custom Graphics/images when building custom plists?

Is there any way to load up custom graphics when building custom plists? Otherwise the remotes show up with no image, and if you want to use the remote as a pop-up remote, you can’t assign an image.

I’d be okay if I could assign a pre-built image as well.

What kind of plist are you referring to? We’re not sure what you’re trying to accomplish.

Thank you.

The RoomieCodes.plist. When I create a new device using one of the device types in my custom plist, it shows up with no icon next to it on the remote, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to customize device icons (like there is for activity icons).

Sorry - did I explain it better this time?

So you want a manufacturer logo icon in other words? If there is a manufacturer logo that Roomie does not provide, you can add it using the instructions at the bottom of this FAQ:

Thank you.

The issue is that you can’t assign a logo to a custom device that’s been loaded in with the RoomieCodes.plist. Or at least it’s not clear how that’s done.

Or can I just name it after the “brand” I picked in the custom plist, in the key/string pair?


Yes, the brand name is how the manufacturer logos are selected. So if you brand your device as “Foo”, providing a logo-foo.png file is how you give that a logo.

Thank you.

Okay, I did that, but it’s not working. Here’s the relevant part of my plist:



and the file I uploaded into dropbox:/Roomie/images is logo-homeseer.png (I tried the same case and that didn’t work either).

Any thoughts? The issue is having it work with the device, not just the activity.

Please send your configuration (the entire “Roomie” folder on your Dropbox) to support and we’ll take a look.

Thank you.

will do - sending it now

Got it to work! Some combination of case-sensitivity (it needs to be all lower case, no matter what the brand name), and the failure to restore from DropBox but not giving an error was the issue.

Force-killing the Roomie app, and starting a restore again made it work.

There’s a very repeatable bug where a restore from DropBox fails, with no error. It just takes longer than one that succeeds, but doesn’t actually do any restore. Seems to happen close to 50% of the time, never the first time, very often the second time (after a clean app start).