Custom HDMI matrix switch device via iTach IP2SL


I am new to Roomie. I have just bought a Cheerlink 4x4 HDMI True Matrix Switcher and am hoping to control it with an iTach IP2SL via the RS232 port. I have no idea how to set this up so that the iTach sends the right codes to the switcher and so that Roomie sends those codes to the iTach when different activities are selected.

Can anyone on the forum help me / guide me through it? Any help would be very much appreciated. I have tried using iTest for the iTach to test various codes for the switcher but none of them have worked to date and I am struggling to find any info of any use regarding the Cheerlink codes.

Many thanks,


I’m using a Kramer VS-66HDMI. It’s their first gen 6x6 matrix. They are up to the VS-66HN now, which I think is gen 3. They all share the same control protocol. You can find the older ones used pretty easily. They have good EDID control features. Beware that gen 1 does not support BluRay audio codecs (truHD and DTS-MA). I have the protocol in a .plist