Custom http device carriage returns for body

Trying to send http command that has json payload and needs the payload in the body like in the ddk example below. With the new custom device option in the app, is there a way to add a carriage return so that roomie sees it as the body option as below? The key in the app is Done when editing the line so it won’t insert a CR. Should I just do this on a mac?

My goal device command (would be entered in app custom device)

<key>CONFIG 0</key>
<string>POST /devices/0/config/post.schema

{"master_status": {"preset": 0}}</string>

The example from doc:

		<key>CURSOR DOWN</key>
		<string>POST /upnp/control/IRCC
Soapaction: &quot;urn:schemas-sony-com:service:IRCC:1#X_SendIRCC&quot;
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8

&lt;?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot;?&gt;
&lt;s:Envelope xmlns:s=&quot;; 
    &lt;u:X_SendIRCC xmlns:u=&quot;urn:schemas-sony-com:service:IRCC:1&quot;&gt;

Also, the double quotes are getting converted to three decimal points, this is what is being received by the device being controlled. Tried escaping them or using &quot without success.

POST /devices/0/config/post.schema {…master_status…:{…preset…:0}}

Getting detailed encoding correct in a text field when you need exacting control over each byte is not likely to be the best path. You should import/export for changes and use Xcode or BBEdit as per the DDK to ensure proper encoding.