Custom Icons Sync

Do custom icons sync with other roomie clients after they are loaded and configured once? Or does each device have to sync with dropbox?

Yes, Dropbox is used for custom image sync.

The Sync FAQ above covers that and many related topics.

Thank you.

Thanks, but maybe I wasn’t clear what I was asking.

Your FAQ states that Dropbox is the only way to sync custom images. I wondered if once you sync custom images to the first Roomie instance, that the others in the household would sync via wifi, I’m guessing not.

If that’s the case, if the household uses multiple dropbox accounts for each device owner, can dropbox shared folders be used to sync custom images across accounts? Trying to figure out how to distribute the same roomie configuration to multiple iOS devices including custom images.

I still have this question as well. I have a number of other devices on my network, including the Roomie Agent. None of the devices other than the original (sync’d to dropbox) have access to the custom images.

Is the solution to manually “restore from Roomie Service” on each of those devices to access the custom images?

If that is the solution, I’d propose that the Agent automatically pushing those images to the other devices would be more of what most people would expect after purchasing the agent solution.

If it is supposed to do it automatically, please let me know as thus far it hasn’t been happening for the devices in my house.


Agent tries to avoid transferring image archives around your network unless it knows it must do so. There is no passive sync of the images folder. Some users have rather large images folders, so updating the images directory is an explicit operation. The two ways to push images out are:

  1. Roomie Agent: Using the Restore Configuration command (use Backup Configuration first to create the local configuration and then your master images folder is whatever you store in the images folder you place in the resulting directory), all images will be pushed out to all Roomie clients – this is a one time sync to all clients that includes images, and has the unique property that all clients will get it at once. Only the Restore Configuration command in Roomie Agent has the ability to push out images to all clients simultaneously.
  2. Dropbox: Each individual client uses the Restore from Dropbox command to grab the latest images folder on Dropbox. Restoring one client has no affect on any other Roomie on your network as far as images go – all other configuration details do sync to all other clients when restoring from Dropbox as usual.

Basically, transferring a potentially large collection of images to an unbounded number of clients in a synchronized fashion is something that we want to do carefully and explicitly, so having Roomie Agent managing that on a local network works significantly better by taking advantage of multicast networking.

Thank you.