Custom Image Sizes


Can you tell me the default image sizes for your icons for the iPhone and iPad2?

Also, should they be named differently for these 2 devices? (as in the FAQ example for Retina vs iPad2)

Any detailed documentation you can provide would be great!



The images FAQ does cover that topic:

There are only two sizes: standard and doubled. That applies to all iOS devices. So if the image you want to use is 100 pixels wide, you can optionally provide a 200 pixel wide version of the same image named @2x (as discuss in the FAQ above).

Thanks for the quick response. I guess what is confusing is that you (and your FAQ) keep using the phrase ‘if the image you want to use’ - which can be interpreted simply as an example rather than an absolute. It might be less confusing to state ‘the default image is 100px wide’.

So if I understand you correctly now the default image size for icons is 100x100px? I have tried both 64x64px and 256x256px and the interpolation is terrible for the iPhone in both examples - which is why I needed the clarification.

Thanks again!

Roomie will resize it to whatever space your’re trying to add an image. If that’s a small button, it may shrink alot, if it’s a large button it would shrink less. There is no “default” size per se. Many of the small VR buttons generally have a native size of 25x25 (and doubled 50x50). Other buttons often are 57x57 (114), and there are many other potential sizes depending on the image and where it then gets used and some images are used at multiple sizes. If you’re trying to get something matched up perfectly to a specific button, we could confirm the native size of something. The two sizes above cover the majority of cases.

OK - so I tried both the 57x57 and 25x25 and still get pixelation artifacts. Can you confirm the native size of the square buttons in below the Number Pad in the Remote Design?

You might try 106x67 for that. The system may resize it anyway.

That worked perfect! Thanks!

One more if you don’t mind and then I’m out of your hair - the images to the left of the Activity and Room Titles?

The Activity/Room icons are the standard 57x57 images.

It would be really useful if you could post a folder with all the default button images in it so people could easily create their own :slight_smile:

I second the above post

Having a base Image to work from would be very helpful

It would be great to see a community upload/download space for such things

I’m really loving Roomie and the more I an using it the more I want to customize the UI