Custom Installs

Do you have a log in for professional installers , that would like to store set up files ( via drop box ) for clients, and pay for the apps on behalf of clients .


We recommend a shared Dropbox for that purpose. It does not have to be the customer’s personal Dropbox in other words. It just needs to be a Dropbox shared between you and the customer. Turning on Poll Dropbox then ensures that any change you make to that configuration will automatically be reflected on the customer’s devices.

You definitely would not want to purchase the apps for the customer. They would then be unable to update the apps and all sorts of other problems with that approach. In all types of installs, apps should be associated with the end user’s Apple ID (and thus purchased via that Apple ID).

Roomie Agent can also be used to PIN-lock end-user devices or deploy configuration updates to all devices.

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Question about dropbox polling. if Auto polling is enabled, does it track the power state of devices?

Polling is a one-way mechanism. Power state changes are very temporal and not the kind of thing you’d want to synchronize through Dropbox which is best viewed as a Backup solution. Power state changes are best handled via synchronization. Polling Dropbox is mainly for cases where an integrator modifies your configuration remotely and want to have all of your Roomie clients update to the latest configuration automatically. The Synchronization FAQ goes into detail on this:

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