Custom IP Device Carriage Return

I’m trying to create a custom IP device for the NoHassle AV 8x8 HDMI Matrix.

According to the specs, it communicates via UDP port 5000.

Each command needs to be followed by a carriage return. I have tried [CR], [cr],, and to no avail.

Before I continue trying every letter in the alphabet, does anyone know how to pass a carriage return?



Despite 90% of the DDK not applying anymore since creating custom devices as of V6.5 is now trivial in Settings, the encoding aspects of it all remain. The DDK is available here:

The DDK contains samples of many different encoding methods. These include “\r”, “\x10” “\x12” depending on your needs, the protocol, etc.

Remember also you can always export the codeset, edit it in Xcode, and import it back. Xcode generally handles even the most complex encoding issues for you.

Thanks Will! I have looked at the DDK and continue to struggle. I have also tried /x0D (for ascii 13 which maps to carriage return). I will try Xcode.


To clarify, /x0D would do nothing assuming you didn’t typo that.