Custom List Button Drop Down


Does Roomie Remote v6 have the capability for the user to create a custom button for an activity that is a drop down list feature inside the app itself?

In my situation, I have an Activity for Watch Nvidia for my Living Room. On the remote I want to create a button that is a drop down list where I can launch different apps on Nvidia (i.e. Launch Plex, Launch YouTube, Launch Disney+, etc.).

Thanks for the help.

… there is already exactly such a menu on that device which does just that.

Feel free to try these things before posting.

sorry Will, I guess I should be more detailed in my post so you don’t think i’m an idiot. I know there’s a list button created and when you click that Launch Button you guys have programmed three launches (Launch Kodi, Launch Netflix, and Launch Plex).

However, when I go to the Design screen and click on the module for nVidia and go down to that button you have preconfigured you can not edit it. You can not add any additional commands to your preconfigured button. I would like to add additional .Application Launch commands. I thought maybe you purposefully wrote the code so users can’t edit your preconfigured buttons and that if the user wants a custom list button then they would have to create it themselves. Hence the reason for my question.

I noticed that on any of your preconfigured List buttons (i.e. Power, Launch) is not editable, where as standard buttons that are preconfigured (i.e. Search) are.

If there is a specific launch command you’re missing for a reasonably popular app, and you know the Shield-specific Bundle ID (eg. “org.xbmc.kodi” for Kodi), post them here and I’m happy to add them to the codeset. Make sure to test them first as Shield has many instances of custom bundle IDs. Other apps can always be added as custom buttons.