Custom name and images for remotes in rooms


Is there a way to rename remotes and change the custom images in my rooms?

I can see the strings in the plist files, but I am concerned that if I change the name it will affect the behavior of the remote.

I can also change the name of a saved custom remote, but it will not change the name of the ermote in my rooms.



If you were to change the name of a Remote Design in the plist directly, it would just no longer match to your Activity. You would then need to select the Remote Design again.

Thanks, this is what I found.

So, is there a way to rename a remote and change its image? some remotes do not have images.


When you refer to remote images, do you mean the background image or images on specific buttons? Both of those can be changed using the standard user interface.

To rename a Remote Design you just tap the name of the Remote Design.

Sorry, my request was not clear.


In the activities page, I want to change the logo at the left of the name of the list of standard remotes. For example, the remote called “Scientific Atlanta Cable” has no logo.


Also, I would like to change the name of Scientific Atlanta cable to Illico, as Scientific Atlanta has no meaning for my Familly, yhe box is branded Illico.




If you mean the diagnostic remote list that appears if you select “Show in Room” on a particular device, you can’t change that name (without defining a custom device via the DDK). We would suggest defining an Activity would be a much better solution to the issue however. You can change the logo there as of Roomie 1.6.1. That is covered in the FAQ: