Custom Name For Device

Hi All,

I would like to see the ability to rename a device from its discovered name. It would help me understand my environment better and give a cleaner look in the app. I see mention of the feature in this thread, but if it is available I haven’t found it yet. I am a new user, however.




Also would like to know if we can have an update on this, seems like a basic feature that would help alot of users using the same devices in different area’s, or simply want to re-name something to give the wife or child a better idea of what the device does.

I’m pinging this topic.

Why must device names remain cryptic??? It’s really no fun having to guess which device is which. :slight_smile:


Like other users, I have 3, identical DirecTV receivers; 3, identical Yamaha receivers; 2 iTach Wi-Fis, etc…


Instead of seeing this, for example:

DirecTV Set Top Box H Series - ABCDEFGHIJKL

DirecTV Set Top Box H Series - BCDEFGHIJKLM

DirecTV Set Top Box H Series - CDEFGHIJKLMN


…it would be nice if we could change any device’s displayed name to something more useful/helpful (while still being able, of course, to access the IP address and other device info, as needed):

DirecTV Receiver - Den

DirecTV Receiver - MBR

DirecTV Receiver - Screening Rm