Custom remotes: (1) Toggle height & (2) Switch panels

I want to consolidate frequently used commands onto rockers, so I can see more functions on the iPhone without having to scroll.

Please see the attached screenshot. Note the singular rocker button on the 3rd row. Ultimately I intend to remove the tall, power button in the top, left corner and replace it with this rocker. But…

Question 1:

How does one specify a “tall” button or rocker, like those in the top row? In the editor, there doesn’t appear to be a difference between the tall buttons on the top row (which are all defaults) and the short ones on the 2nd row. So, how does one specify the height?

Question 2:

When creating or editing a rocker, the option to assign a “Switch Panel” command to either the upper or lower button appears to be missing. Am I missing something? Or is this simply an oversight? If it’s the latter, it would be awesome if this could be rectified in an upcoming update. :slight_smile: