Customization of remote buttons, titles


Roomie is a fantastic product, and I love nearly everything about it. However, sometimes I wish I had the ability to do more customization within the remote layouts themselves. Often times, I find myself wishing that the channel up button was a little larger, or that I could put a title between the channel up and channel down that says “CHN” or “Channel” to those unfamiliar to the remote and just see an arrow up and an arrow down.

A possible solution could be to have Roomie implement a grid-based system, whereby the user can create a custom remote by creating individual buttons and placing them on the grid as they see fit. The buttons would have the ability to be stretched or modified to fit within the grid, and could be made as large or small as possible (within the constraints of the grid). Further, a user could add text boxes that would label particular groupings of buttons; for instance, A row of rocker switches could have the name of the lighting group that those rocker switches each control, or my previous example of putting “CHN” between an up arrow button and down arrow button.

Right now what I have to do is create a button that doesnt have a function, but has a title to it. It’s not very clean, and provides feedback when pressed even though it doesn’t function, which can be confusing. Further, the size of the button cannot be modified. I find this particularily difficult to deal with on rocker switches which are often too small and cramped to work properly, so I have to create a row of UP switches, then a row end, then create another row of DOWN switches.

The DDK supports a vast majority of what this request represents. Precise pixel level control of Remote Designs is documented with an example remote using the best user interface editor in the industry:

The one aspect not handled there today is generic text boxes that are not buttons. However, you could just put the text into the background image instead.

Thank you.

I would also like to have control over the width of the remote. I find that some remotes are a clean rectangle whereas others are narrow at the top and then have a wide section at the bottom for the drop down options. I have tried to use the “row end” to cut off the row but I find that it just adds a blank space to fill out the row to the full width. The row end should constrain the width of the row at the point where it was inserted.