I’m thinking of Roomie to replace all my existing remotes and control my multi-room system. However, I don’t want Virtual remotes that mimic the grossly over-complicated, ergonomically inept hardware remotes for my system: I want to be able to set up a control panel that is specific to a particular task: watching TV, listening to music, watching movies from the server etc that shows only the controls appropriate to the current task. The Roomie web site doesn’t make this clear - all I can see is the Virtual Remote ‘feature’ that is the antithesis of my need. So can anyone confirm that the Roomie can be configured as I need?



Yes, Roomie enables extensive customization via the Remote Design editor. You may remove or add any of the buttons you see on a Virtual Remote, or start from a blank slate and build from scratch. The default Virtual Remotes are just a starting point.

Thank you.