Deeper 'two-way' ISY integration

I think a fully integrated ISY module (similar to the ELK security module) that could be installed on the ISY would be extremely powerful.

For myself (and I’m guessing most ISY owners), the ISY is the ‘top dog’ in the home automation fabric. Currently, Roomie can do things to the ISY, but not the other way around. It would be very powerful to integrate Roomie commands into ISY programs and scenes.


I agreee. The ELK module sells for $100. This could be a money maker for you.

I also agree. The Roomie to ISY integration is nice, but it would be great to be able to control Roomie from the ISY.

What if Roomie isn’t running though? Do you think this should be based on the idea that a Roomie is always running, or would it be more appropriate to classify this as a feature for Roomie Agent?

Thank you.

+1 vote for this functionality!

I agree that it might be better to build into the control agent though since it is more likily to be running 24/7 than the Roomie Remote app on iOS.

I’m not an ISY user, but a Vera 3 user. I would love to see this functionality for Vera too! Thanks!

I agree strongly with this request. There are many things ISY can do that go way beyond what Roomie can/should. However, as to AV control, etc, the ease of use and some capabilities of Roomie far surpass ISY. For example your interaction with the Global Cache via your IR library is something I wish ISY offered, vs. learning one-button-at-a-time!!!

In addition your iOS interface is superb vs most other ISY options especially for AV.

It would be fantastic to be able to do the AV setup in Roomy and then trigger commands from ISY. However, you raise an important question: what to do when Roomie is not up on the phone. I believe that is a deal-killer (call from wife: come home now so I can watch TV). The agent is a good solution, but now we need the 24/7 computer we avoid with ISY. However, it may be worth it. Better would be an enhanced plugin for ISY that reads/syncs with the Roomie config and issue the roomie commands via the same IR/RS232/IP network that Roomie and ISY already share.

If that’s not feasible, would a link to your cloud service work? Otherwise, dedicating a small computer is not so bad. However, for me, and many ISY users, mac only may be an issue (I dont believe your Agent runs on Windows.

Just my .02


After reading this article, I wonder if Apple is finally going to allow the App store on a new Apple TV STB? … h-unclear/

Maybe Roomie could live on this device and solve the always on issue?