Definitive cable box IP-control solution

It seems from what I can tell, if you use Comcast, you are pretty much out of luck when it comes to direct IP-control for the STB.

The Tivo Premiere, which accepts a cable card AND is fully IP-controllable, seems like the only device of its kind for a cable TV STB.

Am I missing anything else?

And most importantly, is direct IP-controllability in a Tivo STB that much better than going with a standard Comcast STB and an iTach IR2IP? I understand you give up the ‘feedback’ or two-way communication aspect, but is it fundamentally a different experience in Roomie?

TiVo and DirecTV are both roughly on par leading the pack in terms of IP control for their boxes. The DirecTV support in the current release of Roomie is pretty cool over and above what you can get with an IR solution. Internally, TiVo is further ahead than that, but we’re not sure when that will be released.