Denon 1913 IP Control

Roomie app will lose ip control with my denon avr 1913 reciever for unknown reasons. Sometimes it will stay connected for days, others for a couple hours. I have a strange suspicion the problem lies with other devices getting on and off of my network. If i simply unplug the receiver from the wall and plug it back in the problem is fixed. All the while the denon app for the receiver never loses ip connection. Is there anything i can do on my end to keep this from happening as it is a hassle to unplug my receiver due to location?

You might want to try the alternate Denon control method we do support (which is exactly what the Denon app uses):

Whatever is causing your Denon to crash or otherwise lose connectivity is probably an unclosed connection. You might want to check for firmware updates. The most reliable solution though is probably to switch to the alternate control mechanism per the FAQ.

I read the FAQ for the alt control method and I’m not to sure exactly how to do this. If u could explain a step by step format on how exactly to assign an adress and port number that would be really helpful

The FAQ above does provide step by step instructions for that. The only step not mentioned in the FAQ explicitly would perhaps be that you would first tap “Add Device” before tapping “Manual IP”. From there, just follow the FAQ.