Denon 1913 Zone 2 IR?

Well, my Denon receiver has worked great with the Roomie until the last few days.

It looks like an update came out for the Denon hardward on 12/18. I’ve verified that Roomie is working for all other devices. The iTach wifi adapter is, of course, on the home network and sending commands to the Denon. The emitter is flashing red as it should. It’s simply that the Denon isn’t responding.

Anyone else having problems?

The Denon 1913 is normally an IP control device. Your message implies though that you’re using IR control. Would you clarify how you’re trying to control the Denon?

Regardless of the method, in general if your Denon is not responding the first thing to do is physically unplug it as that’s the only way to reset it properly.