Denon 3312ci preset parameters

Anybody know the correct “parameter 1” values for .TUNER PRESET SET?

I am trying to recall presets A1 and A2.

Alternatively, values for the .TUNER SET command? I assume this would allow me to tune directly.

I have tried what I think are the obvious choices to no avail.

FWIW I am having a miserable time working with the Denon. The thing hangs every time I look at it sideways and requires a hard reboot. Anybody else have a similar experience? I also have a serially controlled Yamaha which is rock solid.


.TUNER PRESET SET uses exactly the syntax you’d imagine. To set preset A1, you would enter “A1”.

Note that for older models, there is a different command .TUNER OLD PRESET SET that is slightly different but uses the same syntax. You might want to try that command as well.

Denon has had many firmware updates for the 3312. We’d recommend making sure your Denon has received the latest.