Denon 3808 IP control issues


I have been using Roomie for an year now. My denon 3808 was discovered and controlled via IP control. This worked for nearly 1 years without any problems.

In the past month the receiver stopped responding to IP commands.

Roomie is not the problem as even the network features like internet radio stopped working. I used the same network cable and plugged into a roku and it works fine. So it seems to me that network interface in the Denon may have stopped working. Initially I had static ip address assigned. I turned off the receiver and played around with both static and dynamic ip address and it began to work but stopped work after a hour. I cannot use RS232 as it is already used by my crestron system.

So I am considering switching to IR control. As long as it works reliably I am fine with lack of feedback. I have IP ITach Flex. I am already using two IP ports in the tri-port cable.

Denon 3808 has IR in port in the back and it also has an IR receiver in the front.

Can I use the IR in port in the back or do I have to use the IR receiver in the front?

Do I have to change anything in the ITach settings to make the third IR port work?

I will love to retire my Crestron remotes which require $300 for each change I make. Problem is that my wife is still used to remotes with physical buttons. My hope is that I can get the roomie to work reliably and hide the crestron remote for a week or two. Once she starts using IPad Mini/ IPad Touch (bought just for roomie) I can switch to the RS 232 control.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for me. It sucks to give up feedback.






Sounds like an internal Denon problem. I had a similar situation with an Onkyo that required it to go back to the service centre for replacement of a module within the receiver.

I agree with hgmobile, it sounds like a bad Ethernet port. (You could reset it back to factory defaults first though, if it is not to much of pain to reconfigure)

I have the 3808 myself. I started out with IR control (using an IR Emitter on the front), but opted to go with Serial control now. If you are going to switch control methods, I would suggest Serial via an iTach Flex. This allows for volume feedback which will display the dB values directly in Roomie. I have found the Serial connection is much more reliable than IR, which is typically the case. Goodluck!