Denon 3808 (older) and multi-connection

  1. We can’t really theorize as to what those other apps might be doing. From a Roomie perspective, everything is released when you tap System Off.
  2. You just lose two way communication/feedback if you go IR for that.

So I got the itach IP2SL and have that working. For others benefit, the default BAUD rate on the IP2SL is 19200 and the Denon requires 9600. This is not ever mentioned in the Denon manual. The other default settings of the IP2SL are okay. In a browser, navigate to the IP address of the itach to adjust the settings. Obvious to most, but I found no documentation of it.

I’m assuming I should enable “Multiple Ports” on the itach for multiple remotes.

Good thing I’m old enough to remember the days of serial modems.