Denon 5308Ci Serial codes problem

I just installed my Denon 5308 on an itach ethernet to serial controller to solve the IP single user issue.

Although all the discrete codes on the virtual remote seem to work, the cursor pad on the virtual remote does not function. No cursor movement or select when using the virtual 4way controller. Any suggestions? Impossible to control setup without cursor control.


The older Denon models have a lot of cursor commands. You may want to try the others as those models use different cursor commands based on current input and various other factors. They are all present in the set though. If you found that you were frequently needing a particular set, you could define a Remote Design to use that set specifically. Note that for the input-based sets, Roomie also automatically switches the cursor keys. For setup, you may need the setup cursor keys though such as SYSTEM CURSOR UP, etc.

Still struggling here. Never solved the cursor problems so navigation of the set up menus is impossible and need to use denon remote application (IP).

Related issues:

Still on the Denon 5803 The commands for HDMI AMP to route HDMI audio to the internal amps and HDMI TV routing the audio out the HDMI pins do not work. Can you verify the codes? Again using stand alone Denon Remote app works perfectly.

On Pioneer 5020FD TV’s using IR, all codes work except power. Can not get power on, power off or toggle to function with the TV. Help!




We assume you mean the 5308 because the 5803 is pre-IP control. The 5308 seems to be a model that Denon’s app doesn’t list as supported so if it is working for you that seems fortunate. We did find some old cursor commands that apply only to setup that no longer work that seem to have been used by that model and we will add those to the next library update. They are prefixed with “MENU”.

The AMP/TV codes are correct. The official 5308 code list doesn’t list that model as even supporting any such codes.

We have some sets in support that may be useful for that old Pioneer TV if you contact them. The codes can also be learned.

Yes, it is a 5308Ci. Thanks for plugging in the old menu cursor commands. the hdmi amp out simply doesnt work! HDMI 1 out and HDMI 2 out both work fine but the HDMI TV and AMP both don’t work. If I switch to IP control with the Denon iPhone APP the same commands are executed properly. something not right in between. Can you suggest a course of action?

You are correct, The manual shows “MNCUP, MNDCN, …” for the menu cursor controls. So there are a dedicated set. Can someone email the codes and I can update?

I have put together a RommieCodes.plist for the additional cursor commands and they work perfectly! As to the HDMI audio output assign, I reviewed the codes and indeed there seems no code for this function. I will follow up with denon support to see if perhaps it exists but was not published.