Denon AVC-3806 and itachIP2SL Problems

Liking the roomie so far, I decided to control my Denon over serial but I can’t get it to respond. I have changed the baud rate to 9600 but no dice. here are the iTachIP2SL settings and I confirmed I am useing a pass through rather then null serial cable:
Serial Parameters

Multiple Ports
Disabled Enabled
Baud Rate
Flow Control
Stop Bits
Data Bits
Frame Errors
Parity Errors
Overflow Errors

Been working at this over the weekend. The serial connection is fine. I can read status from it via Roomie or from iTest. However I can only get a few commands to work such as PW?. PWSTANDBY does not return anything.


Are you trying to write a custom command set? The codes for Denon serial are built into Roomie so there is no need to use a custom set.

Using he Serial AVR Zone 1 support I get the feedback such as the volume settings, but non of the commands have any affect. Just like the responses in iTest.

Also have a ticket into Denon support to see if they have any ideas.