Denon AVR 1804

I have my old Denon 1804 driving my patio speakers via Apple Tv. Everything here works great. Now I’m wanting to install a in ceiling speaker in my bathroom and run it off of zone 2. I will do this with a Airport Express. I cannot get the commands to just turn on zone 2 so I do not have to turn the patio speakers on. I want to be able to just listen to the bathroom speaker independently.

Is this possible?



Each zone is a separate set of commands so that every single command doesn’t need to be labelled “ZONE 2 COMMAND”. So you wont find the Zone 2 commands in the Zone 1 device. Just add the device again as Zone 2 and you’ll see the commands for that.

Thank you.

It works perfectly. I was making the mistake of adding the Denon for all zones.