Denon AVR-1912 & Samsung HDMI CEC


Just bought Roomie - great app!

I have a Denon 1912 hooked in to a Samsung UE60D8000 and all is working apart from powering up the Samsung TV. I’m aware of the Samsung shutting down it’s network port when powered down and therefore not being able to power up from a network command.

On the Denon Receiver I’ve enabled Network Standby, so I can power up the Denon from Roomie.

My question is - is it possible to set the Denon to send a HDMI-CEC message to the Samsung TV to turn it on when the Denon is powered up?

I’m conscious that CEC is a dog, but wondered if anyone had any advice as to whether the above is possible?

Thanks in advance!!


Have the same issue and question.

With HDMI CEC, always assume the answer is no because it’s mostly non-functional across manufacturers.

In general, Onkyo has the HDMI CEC implementation with the broadest compatibility. Not to say what you’re proposing can’t work, but only that nobody should ever depend on the idea that they will get CEC working because they probably wont.