Denon AVR-1913

Can you add a Network button to the standard Denon receiver controller so that the new AVR xx13 series receivers can access the SiriusXM functionality?

Can you clarify what exactly is missing for that receiver? Is there an input missing or something else? These are hot off the presses so we haven’t encountered them in the wild yet.

It is a new input that allows you to access the siriusxm functionality and other network items like pandora and Flickr

You may want to try adding the receiver via the IP method. When you add a Denon receiver via auto-discovery, it adds it the safest way which is not necessarily the best choice. Adding the receiver via Manual IP on port 80 provides a different selection called “AVR Series IP Zone 1”. If you choose that, Roomie will use a completely different control method and we think it’s likely that method will cover the needed input. Both the IP and normal control methods have a NET/USB input though, so we’re not certain what the 1913 is looking for until we actually add support for it. We can also get the necessary information most likely via the Collect Diagnostics feature if you contact support we can work with you to add any missing pieces.