Denon AVR-3313CI - 2 Issues

I have Roomie set up and running multiple rooms in my home perfectly! This app is truly indispensable.

I have a query though about the AVR-3313CI receiver.

  1. After a period of time (a couple hours, usually) the device stops responding to IP commands sent via Roomie. If I launch Denon’s iOS app and connect, control is restored and Roomie will then function.

  2. I set up the 3313 using the legacy autodiscovery mode, and not the newer “IP” mode. This is because one input I use (AUX2) wasn’t listed as an option at the time with the device database I was using. Has this been fixed? If not, can it be added.

And finally, a general question. If I wanted to rebuild my room configuration to change the 3313 to IP mode, how do I go about doing that nondestructively? And, somewhat related, how do I “replace” a device? I’m being given the opportunity to beta test DirecTV’s new HR44 receiver and want to add it to my configuration but leave my remotes intact.

  1. We have no reports of that with the 3313. Actually, we use the 3313 in development as one of the most common receivers we test against every day. We would suggest checking for firmware updates for your unit and unplugging it from power for 30 seconds or so to reset it.

  2. We’ve added AUX 2 to the next library update for the experimental Denon set.

Creating a new room and thus keeping two parallel rooms might be one way to do that.

Thank you.

Can you copy a complete room to another, ie, clone a room?

I’d love to clone a room, or a device, with all it’s activities pointing at the new places. I know you can with a remote itself