Denon AVR-3313CI Firmware

Denon released a firmware update the other day and I applied it to my AVR-3313CI. Since applying, it appears some of the 2-way functionality with Roomie is now broken.

For example, in my activity remote, Receiver Input is now blank and Receiver Mode stays at DIRECT or DOLBY DIGITAL, despite changing mode or input.

Volume is also a little odd. Sometimes, the activity will start with volume at 0.0. When I adjust, the Denon goes to full volume and I have to scramble to lower it. Other times, it behaves normally.

I’m using the IP method of control on Port 80. I haven’t tried the legacy mode.

No other changes have been made to my configuration or environment. Hoping Roomie can take a look.

Just to clarify, the “IP” method described in the FAQ is the experimental method. The “legacy” method is the normal/default/supported method. So if any issues are ever experienced using the experimental method, by all means use the normal method.

Nevertheless, we just updated and tested the new firmware, on a 3313 no less, and it looks good. No changes required for the experimental method. We’d recommend unplugging your receiver for about 30 seconds to reset it.

Thank you.

Happy to report that it seems to be behaving now. Thank you for the suggestion, Roomie.

I also made a change on the Denon receiver to show volume level in dB, which fixed the mis-match I was seeing in Roomie vs. receiver’s actual volume level.