Denon AVR 887 & Samsung UN46C8000XF

Just starting & waiting on IR2WF to arrive. Already downloaded all your available software. Meanwhile several questions. Question # 1) 2010 Samsung TV UN46C8000XF with “internet@TV”. Your compatibility tab sounds like the TV may be supported for 2 way IP control. How would I get that enabled (or can I) with Roomie? The TV is currently set up on the internet with Samsungs’ internet@TV enabled. I’d prefer to control the TV over IP (not with IR emitters). Question #2 a, b & c) Denon AVR 887. Theres no ethernet connector, however there are 1 each “Remote In/Out Room to Room” 1/8 mini jack receptacles. I’ve researched some on the net that the receptacles can be used for IR control signals but there seems to be confusion/uncertainty as to being stereo or mono mini receptacles and if it proprietary codes. I see you have a RS232 to 1/8 mini jack adaptor. Will that work (without smoking my Denon rig)? If so, do you then have the code(s) and support if I get the WF2SL device? Or am I stuck with using IR flashers and my IR2WF for the AVR887? Would you consider WF2SL support for the 887 if you don’t currently?

On the Denon AVR 887 Would using the IR2WF I ordered with a mini jack to “Remote In Room to Room” 1/8 mini jack receptacle in place of an IR emitter set up work? Would it be a mono or stereo mini jack at the AVR 887 receptacle then?

IR jacks are generally mono if they’re standard jacks. A mono-mono cable would be like the one on this page: … TF8&node=9

Remember with Samsung IP control that their TVs turn off the network interface when they’re physically off. In recent years, their serial EX-Link interface does stay on however. So the options with Samsung are IR (usually the simplest and best choice), IP with some combination of Anynet+ devices that works for you, and Serial if your unit supports it.