Denon AVR-X2400H

Hi -

After many years of using SimpleControl/Roomie, I’m stumped.

I just got a new AVR-X2400H (

Using the old Manual IP + “AVR IP Zone 1” trick doesn’t seem to work any longer (this is a really newly-released receiver, so I don’t know if they’ve changed something).

When I pick the auto-detected AVR-X2400H and try the Test Remote, I get a message saying that “Authentication hasn’t been set up”. Unfortunately, I have no idea what authentication is desired.

Any ideas out there?

I’m wondering if I need to get on the beta for version 5 - it looks that has added more support for the Denon “H” models.

I was thinking of upgrading my Onkyo, but I don’t have a Denon yet. Anyway, I remember seeing this:

You can add the Denon as a receiver and as a media player (I did add them both). When you add it as a mediaplayer, you have to enter your HEOS account as username and password.