Denon avr2112 power and mute toggle?

Maybe I’m missing it, but there doesn’t seem to be a command for power toggle or mute toggle available for the denon avr2112. I do see a button for each of them on the default denon remote and they work, but I don’t see it listed on the command list and thus can’t add them to my custom remote designs.

Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, that device has discrete power and mute commands via IP. There’s no need for us to simulate a power toggle, but we do simulate the mute toggle when you tap mute if the receiver is the Volume Device for the Activity.

I don’t quite follow you. The power is sure makes sense. I see that there isn’t a single power toggle button on the default denon remote.

there is a mute toggle however on the default denon remote. I just can’t figure out how to get that function onto other remotes. You’re saying that mute will act as a toggle if the denon is the volume device, but that isn’t working for me. I have to put the mute on and off on a rocker button to have both functions.

as a suggestion, what if there was a button type that could have two functions and based on the state of the device it would display only 1 of the functions.

thus I could set the button to show mute on if the device is unmuted and display mute off if the device is muted.

The way we generate that button when the Virtual Remote is created is something that can’t be manually done. If you need exactly that type of button on a different Remote Design, make sure to create the Remote Design based off that receiver to begin with.

Got it. Thanks. Would be a cool new feature to be able to build buttons like that.