Denon IP Control issues

I have a new Denon AVR-E300 that seems to be having IP control issues. It will work fine for approximately 20 hours and then stop responding to IP control (network stack on the Denon is still running as it pings fine and the built-in network test works fine). The only solution is to pull the power from the Denon and leave it off for about a minute. It will work again for about a day and then quit. I have a 9-year old Denon 3808CI that doesn’t have this issue, so it’s not Denon in general.

I’m planning on calling Denon support to see if they can do anything, but if not, I may have to upgrade to a different model. The point of all this is how well does an iTach SL (Serial) work with a Denon? I have a couple of spare iTach SLs. Does it provide feedback like IP control? Is it more reliable? For serial, I would have to upgrade to at least an AVR-X2000 (if the IP control was unreliable there too).


I’m using an iTach flexlink serial to work with my X3000 and it appears to work perfectly with all feedback. Originally I was using IP but it didn’t seem as reliable. I can’t be certain it was related to the IP control but I got more lockups than I prefer (about once every 10 days) and I had to pull the plug. So far since switching I’ve had one lockup that required plug removal. I seem to have a lot of very short power interruptions from time to time so the issue could be related to that. However, I’ve been running serial for about 3 months with only that one lockup. These new receivers are essentially computers with amps and reliability is bound to suffer.

Thanks, I’ve got it working through IR for now, but depending on the response from Denon support I may upgrade to the minimum serial compatible version (X2000).

IR may be a fine short term solution but I couldn’t live without feedback from the receiver. Volume is the obvious use but I really like the display for Pandora that shows the data for what’s playing. You really shouldn’t be having that much trouble with IP control. Denon needs to step up and make this right. The problem isn’t with Roomie. I know too many other people using IP control, with other receivers, and they never seem to have a problem.

I own 3 different Denons (1912, 3000 and 4311) all controlled by ip. I have never experienced any problems on the Denon models mentioned with IP control

I’ve been having similar problems with my DVR 1913 lately. I was thinking it might have something to do with the firmware update I recently applied but I’m really not sure…

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!

I ran into similar issues after the most recent firmware update to my Marantz SR6008. Control through the Denon/Marantz app was failing as well. I contacted Marantz and they sent me information on how to perform a network reset. It involved a button sequence on the unit, not just the standard unplug/replug cycle. Since then everything has been fine.