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Question on Roomie Remote

If a device is not in the compatiability list on Roomies website how do you go about getting them supported for the remote?

Example I don’t see
Arcam AVR20
HDFury Vrroom
HTPC Kodi MadVR build.

Also what IRBlaster should be used?

Thanks for your time.

These sound like support questions. As it states, the Compatibility list is a minimum set. There are actually a lot more code sets. But at a high level:

We have a bunch of Arcam models in there.
We have a bunch of HDFury. Support has a set for something called “DIVA” they can send to you, regardless these kinds of little code sets with like 8 commands are so easy to create and so numerous.
Not sure why “HTPC” or “MadVR” are relevant to control. I assume your third item is really just “Kodi” which we support. The other aspects shouldn’t be relevant.

IR Blasters are covered on the Compatibility page.

Thanks for responding.

All of my Ripped Movies from the disc are ISO files and I use MadVR for tone mapping of HDR content. To do this I have a Media player installed called JRiver on a PC and right now with my harmony remote I can control all the basic media functions from the remote or a keyboard and mouse.

When you install a IR Blaster is it treated as a IR repeater or do you have to setup the IR Blaster with all your devices?

Thanks again for your response.

Harmony didn’t really have IP control, so safe to say that’s going to be infrared unless you find it is controllable with the Kodi set which would be a humungous upgrade for you. OTOH since it’s a PC, there are many ways to control it. It’s been a very long time since I’ve suggested it, but all the old Windows code sets are still in there like MCE Controller, etc. Between infrared, MCE, direct Kodi, I assume you can find one or more that work. I would strongly recommend the Kodi set if you can get it going with whatever that derivative is.

I am not sure really what you’re asking about a “repeater”. Anyway, the Setup Guide has like 20% of its content dedicated to Blasters so there is ample documentation on this topic for further information.

Hi there,

I also have HD Fury devices (VRROOM, Maestro) and I’ve added them as custom devices but there is no TCP option in the protocol list, so not sure what to choose. Please could you let me know?

Also how do you contact support to get the device commands file to import if a set was already created?

I have a few other questions but I guess it will be easier to ask support directly as they are not related to this thread. Thanks!

I found out that Telnet+CRLF was the correct option for HD Fury devices. So if I could get the way to reach out to support, that would be great, thanks.

Just tap the button in the app.

So from the looks of it the Global Cache is the only IR Blaster supported.

I ordered one today. My question is this. Once I get the GC IP2IR how does the devices get into Roomie?

I want to be able to see my JVC Projector and pull up the remote for the projector so I can change settings on the fly.

As of right now I have all my devices in the Harmony Hub. Roomie Remote sees the Hub however when I connect the hub it I am not seeing my IR devices. As matter of fact when I click the + to add a new device I don’t see a database of supported devices. I see discover locally, Cloud, and Add device manually which only gives me the option of a IP and Port.

So what am I missing here? Will all this change when I install the Global Cache device?


First, the reason we don’t list or link to the IP2IR is because it is from 2010 and a much older model than the iTach Series. No reason it will not work, I’m sure many users use them, but if you are ordering a new device, you would surely want the iTach Flex linked all over our website.

When you put the iTach on your network and select it from auto-discovery, everything will become obvious. You will then select from our massive library of infrared code sets.

Ok perfect. It hasn’t shipped yet. I can cancel it and select the iTech Flex.

So just curious the Harmony Hub doesn’t act like the iTech IR does it? I thought it might but nothing was obvious with it lol.

Also once I get the global Cache up and connected will Roomie give me a Activity remote and also the option to select an individual device remote if need?

Thanks for you time in helping.

If you mean does the Harmony send IR signals, no. I mean, of course it does to the extent it ever worked for you, but not as part of the synchronization. You will want an iTach.

Yes, we generate remotes for any media related device.