Devices in Central Room

Hi all,

new customer and board member so apologies if this has been discussed previously. I have my Matrix, Apple TV, Fire TV and 2 Yamaha Receivers all in a central dedicated room for this purpose. A single Apple TV unit can be viewed in 4 different rooms and likewise the Fire TV with the matrix switching between rooms.

What I noticed is when creating my Rooms, I had to add the Apple TV for example, 3 times (1 per room) and this counted as 3 devices from my Simple Service device subscription. Is this correct?
So a Matrix switcher with 4 outputs and 4 sources would consume 16 licenses for the source devices & 1 for the Matrix itself instead of 5 device licenses. I would have thought a device license was based on a physical device…

Or is their a different way to setup the solution based on my scenario?

No reason to add it more than once. No device should ever be added more than once. I use for instance a “Utility Room” with a rack in it with the matrix and sources. Those devices are then referenced from every other room.

Thank you.

Good to hear this is the way to do it as it’s how I’ve been configuring this, along with toggle activities to store current states (IP devices with no track power and WoL).

What would be really nice is to be able to effectively ‘hide’ a room so that these rooms with no activities (or activities that purely store state) don’t hang around in the UI when they don’t need to be shown. Is it possible to do this at all? Almost like having the ability to expand on ‘Single Room Mode’, being able to assign multiple rooms to a device; or of course just simply a switch to hide an activity similar to being able to hide/show the remote for a specific device.