Digimerge DVR


In the Roomie Remote App I have been trying to connect through URL to our Digimerge DVR for some time now. URL looks like this: ddnsname.digimerge.net:80/webserver I am getting a blank white screen with no credential login. Digimerge only supports viewing through Internet Explorer because it needs some sort of ActiveX plugin. So I am thinking that this URL method will not work. Also that URL is not just a single camera, but a multi view that you can edit.

Possible Solution: Since our Samsung Smart TV is connected to the DVR through HDMI, I am wondering if Roomie would be able to get video feedback straight from the TV through IP, then I could control the DVR through IR.

I hope there is a solution to this problem as we are a dealer of Digimerge systems and it won’t be possible to change all our clients to a new camera system.


I too would like to know how to bring my Digimerge camera system into Roomie.