Directv Genie HR34 with C31 clients

Can this system be accessed by IP?



Can this be controlled with the itach?


I have been researching this a bit and apparently the C31 client can be controlled through the HR34 via IP. The command would be something like IPAddress:port/tv/tune?major=206&clientAddr=1 where the major=206 would tune to channel 206 and clientAddr is in relation to the C31 client 1-3. … V1.3.C.pdf

We have a test command set available for testing for the DirecTV Genie clients. If all goes well, we’ll publish this in the next library update.

I just saw that DirecTV’s own iOS app now allows direct control of the C31. Since we have 3 of these I too hope Roomie supports it. Thanks guys

This is part of 1.8. They did some funky stuff so it can’t just be issued as a command set in a library update. 1.8 auto-recognizes and controls them all though.

I installed the DirecTV Genie and all the commands are working fine except the “Power Toggle” when turning the device on within an activity. I can turn it on/off with the virtual remote, is there something I am missing?

How to get Roomie Remote to control a specific DirecTV Box? (1 of 4 direct tv boxes).

For the HR34, it is controlled directly via IP right now. C31 Genie Clients are a separate topic. They require special commands and that’s part of 1.8.

Turning the power on via IP is a bit touchy with DirecTV. This thread notes some settings you may want to change to enable that: