Directv genie power on and off

Hello, I have 3 Directv boxes in 1 room. The main H54 works perfectly but I am able to control everything for the genies except power on and off. Any ideas why this might be? Another seemingly odd thing is the IP addresses for both genies on auto discovery are same as the H54 however they show as separate on my router info. I tried to manually add them with their IP addresses and no controls worked. Any help would be appreciated.

Normally I would not moderate this up as it’s a very typical support question, but in the interest of re-posting this information to help others in the future here is the information again as has been posted many times before:

DirecTV does not provide IP power control over Genie boxes. They are intended to stay on for IP control, they are very low-power so this is inconsequential.

Genie boxes are controlled through the main box (HR54, HS17, etc.), so yes they also share the IP address of the main box are being added.

I have seen this answer many times stating the genie boxes are meant to say powered on but how do you prevent them from being turned off by the Directv remote. We do not exclusively use roomie in the living room so my wife and daughter use the DTV remote to power off the TV which also powers off the genie? I understand this is not a roomie issue but just wondering how others may have solved this.