Directv HR24 Roomie Commands

I am having a problem with my HR24 DVR and maybe someone can help me. I am unable to get the HR24 DVR to turn on through commands(macros). I have tried setting the command for “power on” and “power toggle” with different times and and repeat but it will still not turn on with commands. The thing is that if I open the virtual remote and hit the power button, the HR24 will turn on and displays “toggle” in the upper corner.

The other thing I have noticed is that the HR24 does not display program information in the display box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try repeating the command. If memory serves, I had the same issue and that was my solution.

I found topics related to this issue reading through the forums a few days ago. Do some searching. Example:


I have the HR23-700, and I got better behavior from my box after I went to Menu > Settings and Help > Whole-Home and changed all the options to allow external control. I also went to remote setup and changed from IR to RF. Not sure if that helped/mattered, and it has the additional consequence of making the remote that came with the DR23 unusable.

Good Luck!

I believe I had the same problem and found the solution on the DTV forum. RoomieRemote was not ‘seeing’ my HR24 automatically until I did a reset of my HR24 (little red button). after the reset RR found my DVR and is controlling it beautifully.

I have the HR34/700. The solution in my case was to change the external device settings for the whole home feature in the DVR. Follow this menu path: Menu/Settings & Help/Settings/Whole-Home/External Device/

Once there, you’ll see three settings you can change:

External Access: Allow

Current Program: Allow

Recordings: Allow

In my case, I had to change Current Program to Allow. The other two settings were already set to Allow.

If the purpose of the Current Program setting is as the DVR states, it makes absolutely no sense why you would need to change this setting to let Roomie turn the device on???