Directv HR44 and C41 clients

I upgraded my directv to the above with the HR44 and two C41 clients. Roomie only recognizes the HR44 and not the clients and it won’t turn power on and off. When will full support for ths configuration be provided?

We have a diagnostic from a user with those new models. We’re going to enable discovery for the C41 clients in 1.9.1 and hope for the best as we wont have time to verify it before 1.9.1 goes out. It looks pretty safe.

Regardless, they should be able to be added manually as usual at anytime. The C31 clients also have power issues, that was on the DirecTV side the last time we explored that with a user as it likely has not changed.

Thank you.

I haven’t had an issue with my HR44 and power. I’ve had it for about a month now - one of the first shipped. Haven’t received my C41 clients yet.

Any way you can share your thoughts on the C41? Faster/better than the C31?

The speed increase is so incredible. I’m sure you’re experiencing the same thing with the HR44. Everything is instant, instead of the lag that was ever present on my previous HR24. The C41 clients are extremely small and the highest compliment I can provide is that everything works seamlessly exactly as advertised. You feel like you’re watching everything from the same box at every TV in the house, but you have the added flexibility of watching different shows on that box on every tv at the same time. Awesome!


I just got my HR44-700 today (no clients). Works great. Roomie (2.01) sees and controls it fine BUT, the channel, episode and time are not shown properly in Roomie. My HR20 shows this information properly. Is this not setup for the HR44 or am I somehow doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance.

There are at least two settings that need to be turned on and are not on by default listed on the IP Compatibility page for that:

Thank you.

All set now, thank you. I saw that section of settings (whole home) past didn’t drill down because I knew that was working. However, that excuse doesn’t explain why I didn’t read the documentation you’ve provided already for missing that.

Thanks again.

I have 3 clients. Has there been any progress on powering them on/off? When I hit the power toggle it turns the main (HR44) box on/off.

On the C41 there is no issue. The Power Saving option in the menus of the C41 makes it work perfectly when turned off.

Thank you.

I made a mistake. I actually have c31 clients and still have the power toggle issue even when turning off power save.

Any word on how to power on/off c31 clients?

Based on surveying support requests: All support requests related to this for the C31 did not find a way to power the unit independently that we can find.

With the C41, we have one here and based on a total absence of any power issues in support requests along with our experience easily being able to power it on via IP, this seems like an issue that was fixed in the C41 models.

Note that there may be a mode that even the C41 gets into where it needs a manual power on after a full restart of the main HR44. The eco power save mode must be turned off on the C41 menus.

Thank you.

I figured something out. I really do have c41 clients because I have the wireless Genie(I didn’t know that there were only 1 model of wireless, due to the fact that Roomie sees them as c31 clients when adding the devices). I don’t know the reason Roomie sees them as c31s(wired Genies).

Is there any way to combat this? If I could connect directly or get roomie to see them as c41(that they are), I’d have my issue fixed?

If you just mean the device type in Roomie, that’s always called C31 Client. That has no relation to what your actual model may be. The location is separately identified in Roomie. For instance if you have labelled your C31/C41 as “Living Room” using the DirecTV setup menus, that will appear next to it in the device list.

Thank you.

This thread needs clarification. It sounds like you want to physically power off the C41. That’s not the way DirecTV has implemented this. The C41 has no hard drive, basically no more power draw than an iPhone. Turning it off isn’t a command they have implemented via IP.

As long as you have the eco-save mode turned off, the unit will not auto-power-off after a period of inactivity and will therefore stay controllable by Roomie all the time. The exception to that seems to be if you have a power outage, the C41 needs to be manually powered back on. There is no need for any power commands therefore in your Activities related to the C41. One could add infrared control as a backup solely to resolve the power outage issue though.

Thank you.