DirecTV HR54 IP Controls with C51

Has anyone been able to get the Genie extension to be discoverable? I can see the HR54 and it works perfect, but not able to see the other extension devices. I can confirm the are connected to the Internet by using the Directv IP remote. Anyone one have any recommendations? Thank you

Has there been any acknowledgement or reply from the folks at SimpleControl aka Roomie? This is a huge deal for DirecTV potential customers like me.

There was never an issue here that couldn’t be instantly resolved via Support, and then we released 4.0.7 with discovery fixes for this many weeks ago.

As a reminder, the forums are not a support venue. Sometimes we (accidentally) moderate up support questions like this which actually should instead have been easily resolved in support, but look mysterious as forum posts and then exactly this happens which is that people come across a thread and incorrectly think there might be an issue. Everyone who contacted support with this issue was quickly taken care of, and the software was updated quite a while ago.

Thank you.