DirecTV "jump to guide" button not working

Hello -

With the recent 1.8 version update, the “jump to guide” appeared on my DirecTV remote, but doesn’t seem to to work - pressing the button results in nothing happening.

Any suggestions? Thanks -

If other DirecTV users could chime in here, we’d appreciate it. Either a “this works for me” or “yup, this doesn’t work” will help.

To confirm, all of the live feedback for show and program information is working for you? Have you tried multiple programs? It’s conceivable to encounter a program that may not match correctly between DirecTV’s guide and our guide and thus not jump.

It works great for me with DirecTV. So far I’ve not run into any programs that it has not matched correctly.

Just had a thought regarding your issue. I have noticed the button does not work when watching a recorded program. I assumed it was a limitation of the functionality, but maybe the Roomie representative can elaborate more.

Just got around to re-checking this after updating Roomie to 1.8.2 and the “jump” button is working now.

All of the live feedback was working before and I was running into the problem while watching live TV instead of a recording.

So maybe it was simply a problem with the shows I was watching or maybe somethng changed in the update. Glad it’s working now!

Thanks -