DirecTV live feedback

Just setting up a Roomie - simple setup with a DirecTV HR34 receiver

When I’m in that activity, the virtual DTV remote doesn’t contain live feedback, such as channel and show info. It appears on the screenshots on this site, but I can’t find a way to get it to work on my iPad. The Channel Guide info does seem to work fine.

Any suggestions - Thanks!

If you check other threads in the forums, it sounds like there may be a setting for that in the menus on the box called something like “Whole Home Enabled”. That must be turned on for the feedback to work.

Thank you -

I had whole-home already enabled, but the live feedback wasn’t working. Looking closer, I found that there is a setting within whole-home on the HR34 that enables/blocks external devices from controlling the current program. I enabled this and restarted the receiver and the feedback seems to be working now.

BTW, great product!!!

As a followup…

I notice that on the screen shot posted on your features page a couple of things I’m not seeing with my DirecTV activity/remote:

  1. In the area of the live feedback (with the channel/show info), there is a small icon with a return arrow that looks like something that symbolizes return to the channel guide - my live feedback area does not have that icon

  2. on the top menu, there is a keyboard icon that I am also not seeing on my roomie


DirecTV does not have a keyboard. The screenshot you’re talking about sounds like the experimental TiVo support which does link the Virtual Remote back to the guide. We’re not sure why the guide jump button isn’t turned on for DirecTV, it’s probably something we can add easily in the future.

Again, Thank You -

Since I saw those icons in the DirecTV screenshots, I wasn’t sure what to make of what they were for.

The guide jump would be great - rather than have to scroll to get back to that place in the guide.