DirecTV NOREPEAT commands

We’re doing a number of things right now for DirecTV in a future release. As part of that, we’re re-evaluating some items that have been around for a while. For DirecTV, we have provided a set of commands on the Virtual Remote labelled “NOREPEAT”. The purpose of these was to force those buttons into a mode where it was impossible to repeat because due to a DirecTV software bug or hardware bug at the time, they would sometimes repeat too many times.

We have not heard from any users having that issue in a very long time, and we do not see it in our DirecTV boxes on-site. So we’re wondering if that issue is still extant or possibly was fixed by DirecTV via software updates.

If you do use today the NOREPEAT commands and know that you need them, please reply to this message or contact support with your DirecTV model number and any other comments you may have on that.

Thank you.

I wasn’t aware of the NOREPEAT commands but I’ll definitely use them. I just noticed multiple repeat issues with an H22 receiver when moving through the guide. This receiver gets updates from DirecTV. So the problems still exists.

Excellent. Good to know. OK, then we can now start narrowing down perhaps the repeat issue to a specific set of models.

To start, we know the HR44 does not exhibit this issue. Since the H22 is very much at the other end of the spectrum, let’s try to fill in the blanks inbetween. If anyone has seen unintended repeats with other models unmentioned, or does NOT see repeat issues with uncovered models, please go ahead and post that. What we’ll probably end up doing is dividing into two command sets so that the people who need it will no longer need to futz with those commands into a custom Remote Design.

Thank you.

HR21-200 has this problem

I have a correction and an addition. I thought my receiver was an H22. It’s actually an H24/100 with firmware 0x740. This exhibits extra button presses in the List using the channel up/down buttons and the up/down navigation buttons.

I also have an HR24/500 with firmware 0x740. This does NOT exhibit the problem. I have not changed my remotes to use the NOREPEAT variants of the commands.


Hey, my NOREPEAT commands went away! Now I can’t control my DirecTV! I can’t use the regular up/down/left/right/pgup/pgdn commands because they ALWAYS send out way too many commands. Totally unusable. I have an H21. PLEASE bring back the NOREPEAT commands!

The NOREPEAT commands were not removed.

New command sets are rolling out, and have already rolled out to the Roomie Service. They will be deployed to the old libraries as well within the next few weeks. The “H Series” command set is now split into an “Older Models” set and the original “H Series” set. When adding the device, select “Older Models” if your model needs the NOREPEAT commands.

By selecting that, all of the appropriate NOREPEAT commands will already be assigned and you wont need to do anything more. For the majority of models that do not need the NOREPEAT commands, they will no longer clutter up remote designs.

Thank you.

I have a pair of HR21-700s, and they have the annoying problem of unintended repeats. I was trying to “change the remote design” to the NOREPEAT version, but I couldn’t figure out how. So I deleted the Activity and the Devices for both DVRs, but trying to add them back still didn’t offer two device versions. (Then I restored from iTunes Sharing.)


What am I doing wrong? (I have 2.0.4)

Use Add Device then select Manual IP, enter the IP of the HR21 and port 8080 per the IP Compatibility list, and then choose Set Top Box, brand DirecTV, category Older Models.

Thank you.

Thanks. That worked. Sanity restored.